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        "A people without a history worth mentioning is a people without humanity worth protecting."

This internet page is dedicated to all seeking to be enriched and enlightened, but more importantly, to African people lost in the Diaspora.  



 The Children of My Knee (2009-Current Project - Manuscript in progress)

Israel, A Bridge Between Two Worlds (Wash. Post )

A Story of Blacks Enslaved in America in the 20th Century (Wash. Post-1996)    1st place for features

Aryan Nation-Germany's Cruel African Heritage-(Wash. Post )

Ethiopian Presence in Jerusalem for more than 2000 years. (Wash. Post )

Race, Sex and My Failed Dream of Being A Priest (Wash Post )

A Prism of Black Theology (Entrust )

Birmingham in the 60's.  MLK - One Man's Messiah was Another Man's Satan (Wash Post )



Black Painter in Hitler's Death Camp During WWII

"My Black Messiah" by Sonia Schreiber Weitz, Survivor of Mauthasen Death Camp

Artist Interpretation of the Blacks of Israel (Commission Especially for LenCooper's Projects).

The Black Population of Israel




The Rescue Of Jerusalem: The Alliance Between Hebrews And Africans In 701 Bc
Biographies of Black American Jews

Black Jews of Southern Africa (The Lemba Tribe)

Ethiopian Jewry

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